Catching Breath

This is the story of an earthquake that
threatened to shake until
the world split at
its seams.

It takes
origin tales and
contradicts them
with sequels,
idolizing menial
events over

Medieval lessons become
modern concessions-

every evil’s
rationalized into
champions in
cashmere clothes,

invoking you and I to
dye their
killing and swilling
some shade of nobility.

I use to
focus on the
villainy but there were
far too many
men like
that to
for every one an
exponential dollar

In trying to
crown the
worst of them,
my verses ventured
through dirt and

So I say to you,
my friends;
let the
chips fall
where they may.

need all our
strength to
pick them up
some day.


3 thoughts on “Catching Breath

  1. Hey Poet, I accepted a writing challenge for a 3 day affair with a quote and a poem, I’ve nominated, you…I’ve read most of your work from my other account, Sarah Buzzkill, and missed reading your writing. Happy midsummer and if you choose to accept the “challenge” the rules and such, as well as your blog link are on my most recent blog post. thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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