Proposals to Ess

Certain agility’s
required to tame self-
ordained villainy,
wolf wandering

You cast nets wider than common
wisdom would have

and these words would
never have married
beauty to balance
nor ingenuity to
old calluses

My aside as everything
collapses in a
monologue of matches all lit
simultaneously will always bear
your brand.

This ring is
not meant for your hand but
your faith, not bestowed in
a box but
a line break.

Until the human
side of me
abates I’m your
exiled angel.

My wings unwisely
mangled but
conscience clear-

Ess Bee, my dear, you
put the fear of God into
futures without

And no doubt other
suitors would tell you a
bard’s life
is hardship,
but a bard’s
wife lives
forever on parchment.

Queen of my curiosity,
muse between the mediocrity of a
thousand stanzas; my affection’s
Atlantis making

You are all I
want and more.

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