Little City Excerpt: Sunset



I’m in love with the
sunset; the
way it
rejects all
my preconceived

I’m upset with
the rains that
parade around this train
wreck of a town,
pushing time
forward then watching
it drown;

and I wince at
the winters,
cursing first
and I swoon at
the summer remembering
twenty below.

I watch school children
released in droves,
and the glow in
their mommas’ eyes atones for
shortcomings the world may not

appreciate later on.

I’m a witness to
no love lost, so it calms my
thoughts one nearby star can light
the way
free of charge to
soundtracks of autumn construction,

ever the bards
hardhat workers are.

Whether I
emigrate to Mars in my
lifetime, buy a castle in
Versailles or
dine on canned beans in
the country,

no sunset’s
beautiful like it
is with you.

The sky has never looked more


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