Associate with
something that knows nothing
but joy,
because boy,
a life that annoys you sounds

something crafted with love, because son,
riding shotgun in the fast
lane and
laughing at the way
people get left in dust is the
most fun I’ve ever

Hold hands
with someone hopeful, their existence your
anecdotal breath.

Hang with
the best because there ain’t enough time
for jesters.

Their double-decker
baggage will only end up becoming yours.

Be more than the
minimum- you can smoke ounces and still
be a productive citizen,
an ab libitum
synonym for

Mostly, be true because you can
have all the money in
the world but
can’t take it with

My friends;

I only ask you be
the beautiful
change you want to see,
because you’re
beautiful to
me and I can’t wait

to see what
you do


(Stay smelling good.)


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