I’m hunting a monster
but to them

I’m a
and hypocrite
and to me

every man is a
every kill some

personifications of
a quarrel
side can win,

but only
one side will live
to see the sunrise,

each’s harmony
crucified by
the other’s antichrist.

But if apologies
sufficed and we could
rewind the ideologies, dig out
some redeemable

if each side kept its
if clashes were the
anomaly and not
the rule,

I’d be a fool not
to retire
and watch the fires of
this world put out

Yeah I’m hunting
the beast in
my peers because
the wolf in
my fears say

those who stop
biting back
are the ones who
get eaten.

The deity
of my birth would
see me defeated,
but it’s the
clerics and parakeets who
treated themselves to
crafting His laws,

inescapable sets
of jaws

meant to keep
these weapons be-
coming secular, a
gospel of my own
words I secure before

the hunt will

I’m hunting the gods
tonight, because they’ve
gotten much too

used to winning.


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