Open Letter

Give a man one
ounce of entitlement, and
he’ll expect a lifetime.

Bequeath your
better half her beautiful
madness, and the
kiss will always feel


Creativity is our
hostel during
impossible times where
we’re all collapsing
quietly, where
we as society shine.

It’s the line
in the sand before they
can reprimand us, to stand
up to the
mantras that
keep us in places we have to
learn to love
the ground.

In this age, it’s nearly
a crime to wonder aloud if
those who serve us only

and hell, I’m almost
certain of the truth

But change is built and the
architects held accountable;
destruction ain’t progress,
its blueprints

You can throw in
the burning towel but the
only foul they will recognize
is yours.

So many doors
can be
peacefully but this way
shuts more than it

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