Angst is over-rated; I’m gonna go with fatalism.
Forget the schism between bitches and beneficiaries,

there’s no bourgeois
by association on account of
wearing those bastards down.

Capitalist trainwrecks, no sweat derailing through
rural townships, twenty-two cars
of crude and
the truth as crumpled as
the houses they replace.

Maybe I’m just sick of this fucking place but I’ll
continue to abate it, until
I’m old and out
dated, because that’s
what we’re raised to

Or, you know,
I could set
fire to
the whole establishment-

whoa there, Mister
Spook, ain’t you schooled in
our freedom of speech?

Point moot.

‘ cause we got crises on
the horizon, and that’s if
the climate will
even bear
their weight.

Yeah, fuck fatalism,
I’m going out
with angst.

I’ll be damned having a
government decide
my fate.

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