Confiscate cigarettes and coffee from
lesser ideologies and
you’ve probably found my niche.

Remove the crown from my
queen and you’ll find her
a commoner;
family honour eschewed,
but my queen she’ll always be.

And you can take men from
their words but never vice versa;
keep poets from a turn of phrase,
withhold solace
from the masses.

You can forbid Alice tumbling down
the rabbit hole,
but destiny has its
own set
of physics, and she’s not quite
the princess her father believes.

Remove recognition from
doing good and there’s still
things to


Even in partisanship,
there’s still
to agree.

You don’t have to believe
in something greater but harvesting
a hatred for someone else’s
something only
has a bloody ending.

But hey, I ain’t
perfect, either.

You could divide me up
and still spot my
dichotomies, little
conflicting philosophies

a little folly to
light the way.

I’ll put the
drink away if you promise
to call me in
the mourning.

Surely sober,
I still
have something left to say.


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