Live Free or Lie

Nights in suburbia unwound
like a hernia,
anarchy spilling into

Laws of
the land insolvent,
a little
red-brick promise
assaulted and thrown in
jail for
the night.

Chaos is solace,
hospice for hopefuls;
harbingers of a modest
proposal hitting

Because fuck it, we’re foreigners in
this backward new world order,
voice of dissent
playing dress-up with
the drones,
derelict as our
childhood homes,
pretending we’re in love with it long
enough to be
legitimized and

But they don’t,
and so
the gangsters of
our stunted growth
turn ire into

how few
are listening.

I can tell you of dreams that have vanished like broken glass, bricks through asymmetrical windows. Of boys who needed figureheads, young girls who only required that. I can tell you of nurses and firemen, kids saving the environment, but won’t;

that’s not what
we were supposed to be.

To belong to
the bottom,
a generation lost but yet none
of us ever
you need
to live free;

possible to get by
lying to
about it.


9 thoughts on “Live Free or Lie

  1. I always enjoy the strong social commentary that comes through in your art. It fuels my insides and provokes emotion – which is the purpose of poetry after all. Love it

    Liked by 1 person

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