Can't Promise I Won't Ever Break Your Heart

Country songs in her eyes;

a flashlight
shined traversing
the sights of
abandoned carnivals.

On empty stages our
carnal chords once
played entire sets

Now warm air
acoustics make up
their own ghosts to
haunt the rural

And outside old
whitewashed fences with their
ticket booths and benches you
once mentioned never
knowing if
we were an always or

I knew right
then your
company was
my vice,

eyeing grand
prizes at the
shooting galleries I never had
the aim to
win you.

And I knew
just like
the fuse box that could have
brought circus tents to life for
perhaps their final time,

I’d be locked in
for a lifetime of
dust in parking

And so the
teenage sentries vanish
into shadow.

Ferris wheel
romantics taking chances
at the top fade into

and she’s
leaning against her car,
cigarette and crossed arms,

waiting on
someone to kickstart or
euthanize her sinking hopes.

No, my darling.

I can’t
promise I
won’t ever
break your
heart, but

the least I can
do is lend
you a warmer coat.


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