Famous First Words

I’m starting to see less fear in
my reflection;
a full-blown insurrection against
hazel wills and faces built to last
a century,

sinking eyes
a truant mind.

I’m starting to arch my
back when the
unknown attacks,

fill in the narratives
our arrogance
blacked out a decade or
longer ago when
all that
we wrote was
misogynistic prose

and cringe-
worthy love

I’m starting to find more
strength within
short weakness,

a brightness based on
bleakness, and more class
among the so-called
cretins than
aristocrats who possess a
knack for everlasting.

I can’t justify just
how I’ll die- probably in some
cliche-ridden gutter- but as
long as I’m

I’ll never allow the
bad rap we get to
pull us



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