The Fallout Effect ft. Willie Watt

Sunlight crippled far sight
the first day I laid
eyes upon
its charge-

a hardened landscape of
flora caked in
radioactive icing
in which men who were
once mice
are kingmakers.

I wandered New York to
Seattle, in search of deciding
battles; good versus wrong,
survivors against them
presumed dead

but every
protagonist had
rotted away.

Natural selection
never cared
for the way
I was restless
to move forward,

but in the
absence of order, the
condors arose,
civilized animals
masquerading control.

The enamel of our
elevated bones
was illusory.

War never
changes, though.

So I looked on the fauna,
evolutionary trauma
that awoke
anacondas in antelopes
and reduced hope to
an ant farm,

barricaded barbarism
in every hamlet and
told them they
would hardly
know harm if they never
left home.

I guess it’s normal
to bend
worlds toward
curious idols
in these days of

but on this rock they’ll
build his church,

praying to a nuclear
landmine that
thank heaven

never worked.

In resplendent
displays of monsters
and men;
wrapped itself here in
the dismay of

new beginnings.

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