Castles Across the Sea

Most rudimentary
instincts have left me like
a plane I was too late to board .

The seat I had
sworn to be on,
both knees deformed after
twelve hour flights, arrived
empty in the night.

And I haven’t forgotten closed
terminal doors any
sooner than you’ve
let go of meeting
emptiness in a swarm.

In agoras of regret, I’m
betrothed to retrospect, married before
summer gardens of blood red roses,
semi-fatal doses of

but yet,

I haven’t strength until I step off
that runway on some
runaway Sunday I decided was time
to settle star-
crossed debts.  

And we’d eat and
we’d travel, scratch our
names in castle
stones across
the sea;

this time not
for fairy tales but to let the world know
we died free.

And then,
maybe then, the most
basic will to survive may
to me.


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