Hallelujah Antichrist

There’s been dynamite
in my grip so
long its
more for flare than
lit fuse

(religiously waving
false forms of bravery
like a white
flag behind
the rising dust).

Painting brushes with
death like they’re
vistas to my
distant left

(a single step can
send you falling)

has been
a life calling

penning short
stanzas not
nearly as
deft as scribes who
wrote libel for
a living.

again, what bible
is forgiving, either
of itself or
anyone else?

Hear! I feel guilty for
any god
charged with
listening in on men who
would behead another man’s

of prayer.

Having played the part myself
(a devil’s advocate must possess
the eyes of
a pragmatist,

my mother of
morals said)

This world is all
the worse for
slivers of humanity against
backdrops of calamity.

Not even Lucifer
would touch
this mess.

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