We love you, Diana Lane

There’s a smudge down
the mirror but
the image is clearer than it has ever been.

Although linens hiding
your arms swear
they mean you no harm,
karma crinkles your
dress of
flowers under

The stress circling your
eyes, hazels that’ve lost
the will to

All you hear is
insults and
cruel lullabies in
empty lavatories,
etching stories of
in white,
hollow stalls.

Morning will
come and you’ll haunt
echoes between
these walls,
Sharpie crescendos
your fall,

of a young girl
five feet
tall and ninety
pounds soaking

And every time
I walk these
school halls, time will
slow to a crawl as I pass
the windowless room you
met your

We loved you,
Diana Lane, but He loved
you greater, professing
it through
single blade razors and
menthol cigarettes.

I hope you’re
at peace now.

God knows you paid your debts.

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