Game of Knowns

I am the
pawn in
a match that has
droned on and on.

I’ve watched
rooks conspire and
bishops set fire to
royal bedrooms with impunity
in desperate bids to
don their jewelry.

I’ve seen the
indifference of queens
toward their husbands’ reign,
as child heirs feign
fealty to a
father’s last words.

And I’ve stood
beside thrones as
my kings imposed their final
descent into madness upon

while enemies
seized the gates.

I’ve seen the hate of
this species strategically
render love

behead benevolence
and bed
its maidens.

As the only pawn who has
outlasted the
presence of monarchs,
shapeshifters and oligarchs,

I wait for
the day true
dragons arise to put us

in our place.

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