TKW Excerpt #3: Election Day

This is the third and final preview from THE KILLING WAGE, which will release for free tomorrow through Upside Out Publishing. This poem was written on a bus, and was one of the final composed for this collection. I had always wanted to write something with allusions to Alice in Wonderland, but in the past the metaphors have never stacked properly. I hope with this work, my long-standing goal has finally been accomplished.


Change is currency,
a self-immolating machine.

We don’t vote for
the man but misguided
hands playing
puppet master.

My ballot goes like Alice down the rabbit hole. Trepid steps forward, look back at the orchards one last time. Mad Hatters beyond drape their laughs in shadow.

Chesire Cats point us like
the young girl home,
knowing the arrows
lead anywhere but.

This labour of love, a Wonderland to some, may begin with a checkmark but rarely course corrects

(off with her head)

and I’m left just
wanting to

my opinion down.

2 thoughts on “TKW Excerpt #3: Election Day

  1. Intriguing! Congratulations on your book!

    (In the phrase “Mad Hatters beond…” did you intend “beyond” ? )



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