Poetry 101

Fall in
love with a poet.

the closest you’ll ever come
to living forever.

He’ll canvas neighbourhoods with all the reasons you should be preserved, reconstruct your reserves of unparalleled beauty and strength. Because as uncertain as you are, to him,

you’re the
wild card in his deck,
in a world lonely queens are

one-upped by their Jacks.

So pack your suitcase,
call a taxi, because we’re
never coming back.

We’ll live in deserted airports, more home to us than four star hotels; eat with plastic cutlery and gaze in bewilderment through superfluous gift shop windows; travel the world and visit No Man’s lands to gauge the span of time I’ll keep you in

the battlefields of
my heart,
once a city that
glowed in the

dark but went the
route of Babylon,
immune to dawn.

In former need of fire,
you became my spark,
and for that, I’ll ensure

your immortality.


33 thoughts on “Poetry 101

  1. a friend and I used to debate endlessly whether we would prefer our work to be immortalized, or ourselves within a someone’s work… I’m now wondering if I made the right choice


  2. In the words of my deceased mother, “Damn fine poem…DAMN fine.” She was a little raunchy but she knew what she liked! Nice work, Nicholas! — Ron —


  3. Intelligence, great writing chops and kickass poetry. What a find. Love this one! Thank you for stopping by and liking my new poem.


  4. Reblogged this on Karma Linguist and commented:

    I will forever write trying to recreate something as close to me as this poem is.

    I would never try to top myself, necessarily, because nothing would do this passage justice.

    So let’s just say, in honour of National Poetry month and every day of the year we write to be not only better writers but better people as well, that if I ever write something as beautiful as this again, I hope it be shared with as many people as possible, because it would be lightning in a bottle giving an encore.



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