A Ghost of Status Quos

She woke upon
the pavement,

behind quarantine lines of reduced longetivity.

Whole sections of the city had slid from their foundations, rising smoke where windows were.

Neighborhoods once home to her upturned in a warrantless search for subservience, enforced with turrets between the shanty towns still intact.

The stench of human passage rotates
around the axles of buses pushed onto
their sides,
and coupled with
inhuman cries,

she wished she
would have died when
the rockets hit.

But she climbed to
her feet,
spit the blood from
her cheeks and vowed

to reach a
place this could not
happen again.

5 thoughts on “A Ghost of Status Quos

  1. I like the way you have done this. Taking just one person – she – against a backdrop affecting many. It brings it home with more emphasis than if you’d spoken of the multitude. A strong message put across very well.


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