UPDATES: Homegrown Ghosts/RCP ANTHOLOGY/Free Fall e-book

If there’s anything I hate more than writer’s block, it’s a blog cluttered by random updates. People come here for the poetry, not the damn updates, but with so much happening, the updates are a necessary evil. So, for the sake of expediency and brevity, I have clustered them together into a single post.

HOMEGROWN GHOSTS, the second anthology from our mental health project Good Morning Bedtime Story, will release October 27th. The table of contents, which includes all accepted submissions, is now posted over at that site. It is the first release from Upside Out Publishing.

RETCON POET, my first all-original anthology of stories and poems, has been pushed out of 2014 to sometime after the second quarter of 2015. It is the official follow-up to AT WAR WITH WATER, which released through Lulu Press in 2013. It will be released through Upside Out Publishing.

To compensate for the wait, I will be releasing a free e-book, comprised of 12 original poems, through Kindle later this year. The collection will revolve around themes of economic disparity and class warfare, and examines the “lost generation” of young people left in their wake. More details are forthcoming.

Lastly, GMBS is still looking for people to submit videos for their Be Kind campaign, which will premiere on Youtube in the weeks leading up to the release of Homegrown Ghosts.

Now, let’s get back to the poetry, shall we?


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