Law Abiding Citizen

And now the
story of
a man,

damned since the
day he was
born into

a dormant coup
d’etat, where the
caws of
spooked ravens
claw at
the corpses
of maidens

whose faith in their
fathers, who’d
confused gods with
their dollars
cost them far
more than
teenage self-esteem.

As for the man who circles the
perimeter where sinners
and saints became


and wild animals pick
at bitter bones;

he was once
a husband, who knew more
than untying
soiled ropes
youth in
Kevlar vests knotted out
of misguided mortal debts
owed to their

He toasts the
distant birds and swigs
a rusted flask,

thinking back to
the first
body he ever
buried here,
whose full weight
he carried here

to be met
with iron sights.

“Please, young sirs, this
woman in my wife and she deserves
my grief.

Kill me after
should you
wish, but at the least
me to my

Please, young sirs, I’ve never
broken the law
a day in my
life, just let
me bury

And they left him
to tend their
moral cemetery,

where she rests with ravens
circling far

3 thoughts on “Law Abiding Citizen

  1. Wow. Intense and sorrowful and thought provoking…and also truthful. Your words evoked very clear images; I felt like I was right there. Thank you!


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