Revolution 2.0

It’s been almost month since I brought Retcon Poet to an end.

I feared hindsight would validate it as a mistake. In the midst of my great depression, I knew reason was still out there, wandering, warning me I would inevitably return. At the time of its announcement, the end seemed fitting, but there was a pit in my stomach that I was making the wrong choice for my writing career (if it could be called that).

Turns out, I was wrong on all counts.

The idea behind Retcon, one that sought to break down the barriers to poetry in general, is very much alive. I have spent this brief sabbatical experimenting and testing the waters of various futures. As it happens, the conclusion was before me all these months, as I felt dissatisfied with my work and my life, as I toiled away on poems I barely remember writing due to the sheer volume of conflicting emotion.

RCP didn’t need to be left behind, but it was badly in need of new ideas and new life.

It merely needed a reboot. A change of pace. In the same way I may change my outward appearance to boost my self-esteem from time to time, this site needed to get out of its Saturday clothes and into a three-piece suit.

The moniker is already with me for life, and my readers already know where to find me, so it only makes sense to host its rebirth where it previously lived. But it’s about more than the slight tweak to the name. It represents a shifting paradigm from non-believer to acknowledgement in a higher power, as well as surrender to it; leaving behind youthful extremes for a more adult balance in my life.

I’m simply trading insecurity for self-acceptance.

I hope you can accept my lapse of faith in my abilities as the outcome of a very difficult time, and that I believe the worst has already come to pass. While my work with Upside Out Publishing and Good Morning Bedtime Story will continue, my heart is here, with the poetry, and all of you who have given my little dream its power.

Welcome to Revolution 2.0


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