Retcon in Numbers

Number of

Posts: 821
Comments: 3,184
Views: 68,000
Followers: 4,847
Days in operation: 721
Times Freshly Pressed: 2

Most visitors in a single day:

829 (April 8th, 2014)

Most visited

Barney Stinson (I’m Gonna Be a Thing)– 2,135 views
The Exodus of Anger– 1,638 views
The Afterlife of Words– 910 views
A Crumpled Valentine– 835 views
Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost– 688 views
Broken Glass Ocean– 667 Views
Laura Jane Grace– 501 views
Rain Dance– 430 views
Some Days– 422 views
I Don’t Love You Anymore– 223 views

Personal Top 10

Falling Out of Love– This short poem was written during the first of two separations from my daughter’s mother.

Eponymous 2014– My year-end poem for 2013, an annual tradition that started on Facebook in 2010. This was the best of them.

A Decade of Engagement– This poem was written about a fictional girl who leaves the love of her life for a more financially stable relationship.

Anatomy of an Exploding Man– Probably the most politically charged poem I’ve ever written.

Forever ’03/Forever ’14- Two pieces written about the power of nostalgia and its accompanying downfalls.

At War with Water– The poem that started it all.

Millennials– a poem inspired by the suicide of a close friend in 2008.

F*ck It– Quite possibly the best poem I have ever written without ever intending to write it.

We Are Poets– This one is so close to my heart. For me, it describes the essence and purpose of poetry, in both love and war, freedom and oppression.

Little Miss November– While it was a grueling ordeal to pick ten poems from almost eight hundred, this list would be meaningless to me if not for this one piece. I don’t even have the articulation to speculate on why, but I always smile when I think of this poem.


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