Forever '14

I would exonerate nostalgia, like the petals of dead dahlias, to relive this particular chapter. I would travel to hereafters no storybook could capture if it meant I could master the art of immobility. I would willingly alter everything I know about change, repeat myself page after page, for a split-second chance to never take a risk at all.

I’d do this night after night, a majestic eagle with no intentions of flight, if it meant I’d never have be shot from the skies. My daughter would never grow, and I’d never have to know what it is to let her down gently.

We’d be
two bandits lost
in time,
anti-heroes of
nursery rhymes.

She’d never dance
at her wedding. I’d never
get to give her

I would always
be stagnant
and she would

…on second thought I
could never flick
that light
switch and miss
the chance to reminisce
about the rest.

Perhaps our
inability to time-
travel is truly
the best.


Forever ’03

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