How I'm Alive

Endless smoking,
Ziploc bags of shake,
cigarettes on your
none have
the authority to
satiate our lesser

It’s like our parents said-
“s/he’s just going
through a phase.”

If your math adds
up, we’ve been
ordinary from
oddity inside our
drunken odysseys


eight years and
counting, and I’d
dare not round such

Even salvia hurts less
than those

Truth be
told, I’ve endured
coke-fueled trials less

These things have a way
of mushrooming out of

control like

withdrawal blues
and shotgun
family values.

But if there’s one
thing I was
always good at,
it was unspooling a yarn.

Tell me now, what’s
the harm in
buying the farm?

How I’m still alive should have
raised blaring alarms so damn long


5 thoughts on “How I'm Alive

  1. This poem is amazing! I love how the character seems so desperate for someone to listen to them. It makes the reader want to reach out and help them and be there for that person. The character seems aware that they need help and that is what is most impacting. Though this is just my interpretation, I don’t mean to sway the true meaning behind it. šŸ™‚


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