Water washes
around the bottom of
 our glass dream.
I would still
 hear you screaming but
 the rotten air in here has plugged
 my ears.
Every time the cork comes out, you swig
 but it’s all upside down and backwash.
I’m lost in
 a bottleneck romance,
 this futile dance with
 shaking hands
before they can
 smash my vessel
 on jagged rocks to let
my ethanol skin
 soak into

via Cork.


4 thoughts on “Cork

  1. Oddly compelling and he imagery is wonderful. I may need to explore other forms after A2Z is over. Just got thru writing and scheduling this week’s blogs w/haiku. It’s going on midnight and I’m just getting around to visiting other. Thank you for stopping by. It is appreciated.
    Perle Champion at Perle’s Ink, freelance words & art


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