Moving On From Standing Still

Hunger struck
me ’round noon,
the process
of making room for

lest the
scent of home-
made food for
disturb my dozing-

I’m not asleep,
but thumbing

pages of exhaustion,
wondering how
the final
chapter reads;

Rapture for prayers
and their

a tectonic shift that
mile-long rifts in
tea leaf

Diocese of my
downfall, destiny is just
a crumpled paper ball on my
unrest but no one suffered
more sleep lost
than me.

Fate is just
a fairy tale, fail safe that
ended with
my birth and haunted
every hearse thereafter.

a dead whale on my
next to the
carcasses of
faith and one
night stands.

And like a ship that
hasn’t seen land
in months,

I can’t
assume one single
island in
the distance
is real.


9 thoughts on “Moving On From Standing Still

  1. This, is a slow step, from coming out of hypnosis of whatever it is you’re trapped in, you’re realizing things from your own life, and, the healing process is very slow, it is an uphill climb, but, eventaully you WILL see the end, the light at the end of that long, dark tunnel you feel so stuck in, just keep on driving forward, and don’t let ANYTHING stand between you and your final destination.


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