#TBT: Personals (2011)

Lady on the 97 home,

with the dress of a hundred
falling stars.

We never spoke a word,
exchanged names or
return trips.

Message me back,
maybe we can change that.

Mister at the Metcalfe St. Station
who stole my crustacean,
I want my aquatic friend back.

Dear lovely Gladys

Been many years, hasn’t it?
Heard you were married now.
Hope the new guy is swell
I have changed locales

May this letter find you well

Looking for my birth parents,
mister and missus
John and Jane.
I don’t know their last names.

Lady on the 97:
This is my second attempt.
I saw you on the bus again.
You didn’t smile.
Did you get my message?

Looking for sex.
Hey baby,
R U Interested?

Hot girl from the party.
My name is Martin.

Call me.

Dear creep
on every bus from
South Center.

Look the other way.
Don’t think of smiling at me.
Most important,
stop following me home.
I see the salivation on your tongue.
The undressing with your eyes.
I’m not your main course
and you’re not on any menu
I’d ever pick up.


the girl you’ll never have.


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