Birth Write (original anthology opening)

It was one cold
Saskatchewan day in nineteen
eighty five I first saw the
overhead lights,

heard whirring machines,
doctors breathe relief,

the first time
I heard my
mother cry, my father
lie using five
simple words.

“I will always
love you.”

I took this benign inspiration and resolved to write the greatest redemption story the world would ever find at a second-hand bookstore. It took a few different forms but this is my story in its unabridged glory.

Its pages weathered and
worn, the sum of
its parts means more than
I ever accomplished whole.

This is not
my birthright but was

forged from
what remains of its
compromised soul.

(note: as I have taken a new direction with the anthology, I have been slowly posting the poems that don’t make the cut in the revised version. This was meant to be the first poem of the book, until I found a different way to start it. Enjoy!)


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