ANNOUNCEMENT: Retcon Poet Official Website


This is something I’ve been working on for a while. 

In a few days, it will become the official home page of Retcon Poet. The blog will still be the primary location for WordPress readers to find my newest work, however all official news and information will be posted to the new site. Neither will operate at the expense of the other; while this means the website you are reading now will inevitably revert back to its original domain, the official site has lots of links to lead you to it, as well as my other projects, so keep an eye on both!

With my new, all-original anthology releasing this fall, and the influx of new readers over the past five months, I decided it was time to cultivate a less bourgeoisie landing page.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it, and as always, thank you. It could not have done without the support of my wonderful little community.


8 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: Retcon Poet Official Website

    1. No need to try, there will be a link added to the top menu of the blog and the two will link between each other often.

      The new website will become, while this one will revert to


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