Ad-Lib Alphabet

Let’s put
aside the metaphors for
one second.

I reckon they’d be
lost in translation
as you flip through
dictionary pages

to excavate
a new
mother tongue,

a fresh slate
for obscenities your
mother would
have, no doubt,

unnecessarily offensive;

you only
lament such
colourful terms
have lost
their sense of song.

You want a new way
to express
and sadness
and laughter
and love.

A thesaurus
works for some,
a bottle of rum
and jabberwocky,

adjectives composed
only of consonants and
sentient punctuation
for us.

It takes sixteen
nouns to tell you I’ll never
break your

seventeen minutes to spell out
I’m yours forever using our eighty
letter alphabets.

It’s no English but it could be
a start. I could
listen to you speak
in whatever nonsense you dream up
and it would

still manage to make
itself a genuine
work of art.

We should really
get a pen before
we forget
to write all

this down.


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