Lonely Revolution

I’ll break my one face on cold concrete, embrace black-blue eyes and staunch nosebleeds, just to feed my Gods their precious third strike and incite white-knuckled justice, so efficient it’s bloodless.

Since we write
against the grains
of history,

we stand a
chance to eclipse
its teachings

with consequences that
are final and of
far wider reach.

Revolution in the first person (omniscience be damned), can we finally ascertain we’re a collective and our freedoms aren’t a scam? We already know our sickness is their financial health, their wealth wielded to divide.

Bitter whispers
in naive ears advising,
“Set fire to the other side.”

Seize the Bastille.
in the way,

Burn every mill,
every farm,
livestock, death and pillage
brought down
karma’s wrath.

This is
my soul revolting
against four
walls of my body,
opting for the
rather than

This is
revolution, rising up
their crucifix.

These are the wars that make us men.


5 thoughts on “Lonely Revolution

  1. WAIT A SECOND… I don’t think I’ve read enough of your work… maybe my last post was jumping to too many conclusions? I’m not sure. Mr Retcon, I would honestly like to ask you, do you sometimes feel like you can predict the future? I have no idea why but before I say something, I think of how others are going to react, and then I say it, and then when it happens, I already knew it…

    Its the most disturbing thought but, after I came out of my dark place, this world is so beautifully PREDICTABLE. Not even kidding, I’ve been reading too much and now my mind is looking towards our future of humanity and I’m scared where we are leading ourselves…. Not sure, maybe I’m just losing my mind? hahahaha.


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