The Greatest Retcon Ever Told

Twenty-eight years spent
upside down, sneering because
it’s the only kind of smile you’ve
discovered that doesn’t
resemble half
a frown.

If clouds
supply the

living with
your head in
the heavens

makes animals whose
feet can touch
the concrete seem
like monsters.

Like an
October hurricane I steered
wind and its rains into
hard lefts, lest my wake be
blown out
to sea.

But if I’m talking to me-
as a child, in my teens,
some version of

readily available
to be
reasoned with using
unassailable logic,

there are certainly some
things I would

Sometimes it’s
better to stand
down, rather than

sometimes it’s
better to
be weak and
retreat, rather

than decay under
hot suns for


The first girl you meet is not the one you’ll end up loving. Don’t go live with Dad. Never buy a cat. Don’t assume something is lacking heart just because it’s ugly.

The mother of
your child will
turn on you the
instant you
turn on her,
but never regret

your darling.

Fireball and beer is a bad idea. Carving two names in picnic tables doesn’t make you immortals. Imminent panic will soon be your afterthought.

Survival is
an immoral concept
and people will die,
but inevitably
the rest will

Tell your mother you
love her every day.

Stop that girl,

she’s on

Stop that girl,
stop that girl,

before she
gets away.


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