Two is a One Syllable Word

made itself my
namesake at
a sickening velocity,
probably liquefying every
relevant organ I had.

Now my
optimism nauseously
limps towards
final dichotomy;

choosing between
a basis in
either faith or ideology;

does it take an army to win
my war or merely
a few quality

is it aspiration or
apology that keeps
me in
the game;

and is
it my heart or
my brain
outgrowing the psychology
of trying to



3 thoughts on “Two is a One Syllable Word

  1. There is a curious mix of sorrow and anger, with this feeling of humor at yourself that floats through your pieces. They are not depressing. More like watching a wild horse in mid jump. You hope the landing goes well, but you know there is an effort in the leap and there’s something compelling about witnessing that.


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