Stone Throes

Wanderer in a welfare state-

where nine to
fives premeditate his
hard-earned, long-
deserved demise-

came upon a golden
tower where
his masters met.

Each panel responsible in part for his nation’s debt, each window a red flag in a the narrative austerity’s imperative to masking embarrassment through incompetence.

Not one soul that occupied it could ever pretend they knew what it is to starve, to make the stark choice between empty cupboards or unpaid homes.

Do kings not need their palaces to guard their country men from abhorrent ends, or has the self-importance of power taken the dominant role?

Wanderer of another place, of better times, drifts past the radius of greed, of children sleeping in their mothers’ arms in alleys and elders sweeping streets where the conquerors of hope once wrote

of better futures
for us all before they had
palaces to
protect them
from our throw.

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