Parting Words

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

So said
the keystrokes, reiterating
timeless tropes as they took up
half the word
processor’s screen.

Ghostwriting cliches in
Comic Sans on
the day before Comic Con,
she proposed alternate patterns
of breathing.

And if your
goal was meant to teach me
another pathway for oxygen,
I’ m still approximately
a thousand miles from

lungs revolting
against emptiness throughout
my chest.

I’ve inherited
the Wild West of feelings ,
shootouts each noon by collapsing
saloon ceilings.

My dealings with
the Devil have made themselves the best
part of my fall
from grace,

a new age form
of self-respect.


5 thoughts on “Parting Words

  1. fabulous work!! You cinched it with the devil..and with your readers!

    i agree…who cares if the devil loves us or not; it is our conscience that determines if we love ourselves.


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