Hashtag Politics

Bomb their
whole country into


rocket interior

your living room could
use a face lift.

Suddenly the rickety ceiling is in the shape of a V, and your front door opens up the floor to debris,

and the one pot you’ve to piss in lies in pieces, a single shard of porcelain through your TV screen.

It’s us against jihadists, the madmen of our time,
Commies and fascists. We’ve got our
Mcluhans, drones and worst case we’ll nuke ’em.

Any cyst in the Dream and profit margins,
the melting pot’s got to be
watered down.

It’s the food stamp version of the good fight, the lightening rod that keeps me awake at night, a nightmare run by old white men lining their pockets with our ill fortune then torching the money just to show us they can.

to #America-
land of the free, warden of
overseas detention
and healthcare that comes complete
with a death
sentence when
its opponents starve
its recipients,

slash social security
in the name of

I can’t believe
this empire has
gone to hell.

6 thoughts on “Hashtag Politics

  1. We are allowing the USA to fall apart. The USA people voted most of the same leaders back in 2012. Who to blame? The voters. I hope the next election we get people who know real history. You must create jobs and help new business grow. It is small steps. Small businesses can kick start the economy. Helping big business help the rich man,


    1. Totally agree. I felt wary of posting this since I’m not American, but living north of the border, almost everything that happens there is felt here in Canada. Whether we like it or not, our fate is inextricably tied to the United States.


      1. Last week. USA isn’t the leader in the business world no-more. This effect all the countries in the America’s. Time for wise leader. Trade with friends who allowed us in. Canada, USA and Mexico.


  2. The US government is schizoid, idealism is dead. All it wants is to stay supreme, act as extreme as the jihadists, and justifies itself in the name of freedom and democracy. Despite this, it is still capable of righting itself, … hopefully, before WW III.


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