GMBS Forums are now live!

Click here or in the menu on “GMBS Forums” to visit!

Original Announcement:

“As many of you know, in late 2012, my friend Caitlin and I started a little website called Good Morning Bedtime Story to commemorate the 5th anniversary of our friend’s suicide and the ways that event has shaped our lives ever since. We sought to promote mental health awareness through music, art and writing, and provide a place for both survivors and those struggling to survive.

Much of its genesis came about quietly, rather than with a bang. We released an anthology in June 2012 comprised of several poets. Ever since, it’s been rather quiet as we put together the next step of our operation.

On the cusp on our second major release this spring, our months-long hibernation has actually  resulted in several upcoming announcements. The first of these is the GMBS Forums, a place some people can come to share their work and get feedback on it, and for others who need a place with resources and discussions about mental health. The link will be posted both here and on the GMBS site.

We feel the overlap has the potential to be significant.

We will be hiring volunteer moderators, so if you have an interest in scouring the Internet all day, this might be the opening for you, and a way to promote your own work. Please let me know in the comments below if you would be interested.

Stay tuned to Good Morning Bedtime Story for the launch date and several major announcements throughout Winter 2014.”

5 thoughts on “GMBS Forums are now live!

    1. We look forward to your participation. I had not even considered vets at the time I made these forums. Do you think it would help to have a section to discuss vet issues and their ties to mental health?


      1. Veteran suicides topped 22 per day last year, which is a mind-numbing figure. It may be even higher than that. Problem is, it is like pulling teeth to get vets to admit they have issues, and harder still to get them to talk about them in a civilian forum, so I’m not certain how much participation there would be. Nevertheless, if it wasn’t too difficult to have a section, it couldn’t hurt. Peace . . .


    1. Simply to keep the conversation civil and root out trouble makers 🙂 You get to pick the board of your choice, you can choose to actively participate in conversations or simply monitor them.

      There are several topics you can choose from. We ask only one volunteer per forum so you don’t become overwhelmed with the duties, and you can dedicate your full attention to your chosen board 🙂

      On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 12:27 PM, Retcon Poet


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