For My Daughter on Her Second Birthday

And I’ve watched our little greenhouse get doused in the flammables. At my most tyrannical the animal in me became unmanageable.

At the bottom of my doubt, I mistaken sweat drenched above my brow for weakness, molecular cretins inching down predetermined routes. And during bouts of mania, my tears become a tether ultimately holding me together, if only to show you I will love you forever
and a day.

So when I return to
the ashes, our
former home
I spoke of in
the last one,

whole gardens
of green now

I’ll gather
the white,
the black and the grey,
perfectly preserved bodies of
and contain them
in plastic,
to show you

I’ll explain nothing’s
truly immortal, making
every morsel of
your time here
a miracle in

I will answer all
your questions and take
every suggestion to
heart, because
you are

that keeps
it beating,

With the remains of our past life safe,
we can begin to rebuild as a sign of good will
we were given to mitigate our
selfish sides;

create something brighter,
a tidier version of our early
years together.

You get better with
every measurement ever thought of
to describe

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