Sick as Dogs

Delirious as
run-on sentences, my thoughts are
a runaway train.

pocket change, the periods that
once broke this
mind trip into
tolerable legs now
ricochet between
quarters and dimes,

trading blows
with dollars for
cents in return.

And I forgot
the words to
the lies that keep you
awake by
my bedside.

the blinds, since daylight’s
fabric truncates
my sleep.

The sheets are soaked,
this fever cloaks me
like a fog.

Sick as dogs,
watching as each strain
fights for supremacy,
with increasing
brevity as to
whom remains
the victor.

It’s as if a
boa constrictor’s wrapped
itself around
my heart
and squeezed.

One thought on “Sick as Dogs

  1. like it so much! I am not sure if you are talking about a broken romance or this horrific flu that is going around. I know I felt like a boa had me around the chest! Very fine writing as always.


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