Conquer. Ambition. Limitless.

As readers last year may remember (or won’t), my final poem of 2012 was entitled “The Limitless 13”. This is a tradition I began back in 2011, posting a poem to
Facebook and tagging as many of my friends as possible as a message of goodwill and blessings for the new year. Continuing that tradition, this will be the second year I am also able to share it with you, my readers, for being a cornerstone in my life and poetry.

I have immensely enjoyed sharing my work with you, hearing your praises and constructive criticisms. I have loved every second of running this site, which has seen me through early fatherhood, a difficult break-up with the mother of my child, and my growth as a writer. Your kind words have given me as much strength as I hope my work has given you. If there was ever a symbiotic relationship in my life, it’s with poetry, and I couldn’t be more proud of it, nor grateful.

As Retcon Poet enters its third year in April, I will continue striving to change the face of free verse poetry, amalgamating the best of the old with the new, bringing it into the mainstream consciousness. That is what I believe I was meant to do. And if I’m wrong, at least I can say I died trying.

“Eponymous 2014” debuts tomorrow. For now, though, I hope you will enjoy the previous three iterations below.

Conquer 2011

Friends, ladies, families of gentlemen,


Have you been jaded
Are you aging prematurely?
Have you given this year your all?

without insecurites sidlelined,
frozen within pipelines
Will you ever stand ten feet tall?

Brothers, girls, sisters and world,

This is our canvas,
here a tree has been planted
which will grow to outlive honour

indoctrinations exist
They won’t cease nor desist
they persist until tides turn

Mothers, drunks, fathers and cops

We can be anything
transcend the anarchy
bring order to free-for-alls

we are the future
whether cures or we’re tumors
keep standing your ten feet tall

In the coming year, may you overcome your fears

and conquer All.

Ambition 2012

Shatter the isotope,
break from common tropes.
Promises, we know,
were built to be broken.

So live this year
outside the atom,
draw your way out

of boxes.

Exist beyond the walls of irony.

Make every day your promise.

Fire on all cylinders
in New Year
morning frost.

This year I give you my heart,
a permanent position,
to meticulously rebuild it
without its crux of contrition.

This year I follow your lead,
sign onto your petitions
trust in your ideas for change.

I’ll follow your vision to its end,
if only to thank you for
walking behind me.

The Limitless 13

thirteen’s not
a towering monument
of good luck.

At least in my book,
it’s always meant danger,
get the Hell away.
But I’m an optimist,
so I’ll
make you a trade.

Let’s brave this
little misconception,
make intensive
in-roads with
eight harmless

let’s finally
rehabilitate them
for good.

In exchange,
they will save us,
offer haven
from election years,
apocalypse fears-
the people we
used to be.

It’s a new
frontier for
all of us.

It’s our time
to innovate,
rescind the
of limits
the ground
and skies
given us.

So listen up!

Ladies and
the world premiere
of the


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