Xmas Day

Check messages for one Merry Christmas from Dad, guess I don’t get
One this year cause
God I’ve been bad,
It’s become a ritual tragically habitual a little fictional monologue after the last aside implied he was
Never coming

So I pick up
The phone and call
My daughter, learn her mother
Taught her to say Santa Claus. She’s
Growing like a weed in between the
Weekends I see her
And it hurts but gives me

I’m caught between desire and duty, carelessly bouncing back and forth, singing Christmas carols for
My conscience or
Whatever we call it
These days

But I’ll never miss one holiday
Bear leave you wondering
Where in the world
Your old man could

Short of being permanently
I propose we speak every day that
We get the chance

(I ain’t going out
Throwing some stones first, bitch)


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