Everything My Mother Said

Live every day like your last. Remember the past but don’t fall into its traps. Smile at everyone, stop playing dumb, you have way too much potential to waste it on drugs. (I did all of them anyway.) Girls come and go but family is forever.

Don’t you ever
let someone
determine your

When the night is darkest, consider it rebirth, because the dawn might not be coming back.

Take care of your siblings, support all their misgivings, they love you like no friend ever will.

Never cheat, steal or kill.

You don’t have to believe in God but it’s better than believing in a bottle’s bottom. Always be modest, always be humble, always be awesome. Go out there, kid, because you’re going to knock ’em dead.

Thank you for believing in me, teaching me to read the world and its pronouns, find silver linings in a dark cloud, how to double down and find my voice.

Thank you for giving me a choice, and every last coin from the bottom of your purse.

Thank you for giving my void
its small
sense of
purpose, furnishing it with
a bed and a desk when I couldn’t
afford the

You were the best I could have
hoped to get and


6 thoughts on “Everything My Mother Said

  1. Thanks for this Nick. I remember my mom keeping me in line growing up and being there for me, when I was going through some hard times. Appreciation is not enough for a great mom. Awesome poem!


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