Standing Ovation

It’s like I clapped my
hands together and the impact of such pressure broke the rules I used to measure misery. I can’t weigh my antipathy in volumes anymore, having lost sympathy for nicotine-laced simplicity I once upheld, but to leave this life with dignity I fear I’ll have to
raise some Hell.

So if you’re happy
and you know it, you know then
some things broken aren’t
ever ready to
be fixed.

So clap your hands
in unison, because
only a few
of us get to
co-exist with harmony.

Only a fraction gets
to truly live.

Let this
applause that
pardoned me part
with me,
extend to you,
an impartial beat
you can always use to
partially start

Ladies or

any shade
of grey

I don’t give a shit about
your skin colour or
whom you choose to kiss.

My standing ovation’s still
directly adjacent to your
own silver

Let the show

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