Let us be the
burning light,
a bloodcurdling scream
that could pierce
Alaskan night,

for all those who have
become accustomed
to keeping mum on its
disrespect for
basic rights.

If we are
its survivors, is it not
our duty to die for
all those who could
be spared
its indictments?

Okay, that’s
a tad righteous-

we might not get to
pick Time’s true colours or the shape
of our struggles,

but we can
control some outcomes,
lower the bottom
rungs of
a ladder

not all are
tall enough
to reach.

And when half the
Western world storms up your
northern beach,

we are your
army posing
as a forest, a chorus of steel
intent on
disarming the world against you.

You are never
too far gone to

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