Exhibit A

You try to satiate me
but lately I’m

You try to box
me in but
my spirit’s
not containable.

Lid not
withstanding, your
container’s already panned by its critics for its
one-size fits all logic.

Let’s disregard
the fine print- can you hear the sound as I rip up this
contract for my worth, its elegant words dispersed by
an earthquake, a tectonic shift disturbs your
carefully constructed

The whole thing’s coming
down anyway.

And as I mull over
botched futures like
a bottle of Scotch,
I realize I’m
no modern Aesop.

(Just take off the costume, all that shit your parents taught you about being special is disassembled (dare I say detrimental) the moment grown men collude to pick your pockets clean to waste every cent and nickel for their war on things that are simply unacceptable to them.)

No wonder I just
saw that pencil calling,
and I thank the gods

(or lack thereof)

I was sensible enough
to use it to
create an
impenetrable fortress,
’cause I’d
have to level
everything in
a fifty
foot radius.

Seriously, just
punch holes in
the pavement til

some motherfucker pays up
for all the sickness
and the horror
a coroner’s camcorder
ever capture
on film

when the
sounds of childish laughter
are filled with suicide notes
by years
to show us how
broken this experiment
really was,

and I tell
myself if I can
save just
one this time

maybe I can
save my own soul.

Maybe I can
overlook the
hyperbole that clouds
this world’s judgement
far too
much for me,

see the
strength in humanity
once again,

and (assuming it’s
still there)
emerge from the
living dead.

We are Exhibit A in
a generation of
shrinking loopholes,
debating whether
we’ll grow
old enough to
uphold our

designated non-
essential like
our presence
is , as a matter of fact,

This is
our trial,

our survival’s the evidence.


3 thoughts on “Exhibit A

  1. This is probably the best piece of yours I’ve yet read. Truly beautiful. I’m going to have to read this five or six hundred more times!


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