Dead by ’30

Daybreak, my
keepsake; the wait
leading up
to it
fluctuates between
truncated and listless.

A promise to
measure pain in minutes defines
every eleventh hour
Like hearts long
failed by their own rhythms,

on power,

we’re still
listening to
the cowards who
themselves as

gatekeepers to prosperity- those who coveted the stars so much they sought to take a Sharpie to the sun- and despite their total lack of dexterity, they’ve drawn maps to another universe, albeit a lifeless one.

Those earliest shades
of orange are
screams of
a being
trying to reclaim
piecemeal portions of
its polluted

When everyone assumes you’ll
burn up any
sense of worth
you touch,

it’s nice to
know there’s still
such things
as a
smoking gun.


7 thoughts on “Dead by ’30

  1. You laid out an interesting propostion. Though, not that it matters, I don’t get the connection to the title. Mind you I don’t mean to take anything away from the whole. Good read. >KB


    1. The title is something my politics teacher in HS talked about a lot, that America is heading for irrelevance. He always said it would likely happen around 2030. Sadly, I am beginning to believe him a bit.


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