A new exclusive I wrote for Good Morning Bedtime Story

Good Morning Bedtime Story

The dead
trees around
the block have fought
to be recognized
for more than
barren branches and
second chances gone awry.

The equivalent
of deaf, the heartache
of a laboured breath is met
with winter biting off
the tongue of
any warmth we might
be fortunate
to collect.

These days we owe than mortal debts; we took out a mortgage on regret and the banks stopped by to protect their interests
as we ate breakfast; just another foreclosure in the neighbourhood, chain link fences locking us out of our homes for good.

It seems we bet
the farm and

How can
the government be serving us when
we’re the ones they mock?

I should have seen the dots they laid out for me, campaigning as anomalies, constantly promising the American dream ain’t dead for the faithful, telling us austerity is painful but it will keep her stable on life…

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