Rock and a Happy Place

Forgotten about grammar just
looking in your
eyes- like a
child without
manners, I stammer through
every mouthful,
each enunciation
more doubtful than
the last.

There’s something
about those
hazels that makes
me disregard the labels others have
applied to

Didn’t they slap the poison warnings
on? Radioactive love,
they coined it-
a poignant
attempt to kiss
acid and keep
our lips.

And I don’t
mean to be
so absent-minded
but since I
ricochet between derailed train wreck
and being your

I’ve drowned
out all
the background talk.

Your voice is
still the
only one
to matter, and that’s worth every last
run-on paragraph
I’ve thought


3 thoughts on “Rock and a Happy Place

  1. Reblogged this on ~Crazy ~ Beautiful~ Addicted~ and commented:
    I think this poem is so beautifully written, it makes you feel the emotions of dealing with a “radioactive love” that can be like your playing tug of war with yourself and with no warning. I know how much love can be a battle within a never winning battle. Love this poem and the imaginary vibes that the writer has created, just had to share!!


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