Walking Cliche

I want you to go but can’t
ask you to stay,

craving tomorrow,
would kill to live yesterday again.
I’d snap you in half but don’t
want you to break.

I want to say the night is
still young but
it’s really too late, let’s

just go to sleep, maybe we’ll
get our way in
the morning.

I tried to keep you
for myself while
whoring myself out like
the whore you are-

you’re a porn star
trying to sell a
sexless marriage
to infidelity.

I hired therapists just
to ignore
they tell me, simply

’cause you were
in my head.

I’m ready for
my judgement-
the loveliest smiting hammer we
both know will miss.

I’m the world’s biggest
walking cliche and
I haven’t even
taken a

single step yet.

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